Our Community

Flourish Lab is a space where psychologically-minded individuals, wellbeing practitioners and organisations can work, connect, collaborate and deepen their work processes. 

Our space is set up so you have 8 consultation offices to choose from to see clients in. You have access to our community space t meet up with other members, have a drink, take lunch or simply chat together. All rooms are furnished and ready to go!

What defines Flourish Lab is what happens inside these spaces, the drive of our members to roll up their sleeves, work hard and make ideas real in the pursuit of wellbeing.

Each of our members is in individual private practice so please check out their individual websites for more information. Please note that Flourish LAB does not endorse the services of our members. 


The Positive Approach

T: 691 127 532 

W: www.flourish.lu

E: joanna@flourish.lu

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