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Positive Education

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Globally there is growing interest in positive education. Much of this interest has stemmed from the work of Professor Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania who developed a whole school positive education program for Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, Australia. 
Positive education can be defined as "applied positive psychology in education". Positive psychology itself has been defined as an umbrella term encompassing theory and research in relation to what makes life worth living (Noble & McGrath, 2008). 
Whilst the study of happiness falls under this umbrella, so do other psychological constructs such as meaning, wisdom, courage, future-mindedness, optimism, and creativity. 
Positive psychology is extremely relevant to the school setting to support the understanding and development of high levels of psychological wellbeing in students, staff and school.

Why Positive Education?

Historically schools may have aimed for academic excellence as sole evidence for their success, there are growing numbers of schools who are now acknowledging the need to develop students in a more holistic way, with a stronger focus on wellbeing. 
Much of this is in recognition of the increasing statistics on psychological distress and mental illness in our children and adolescents, and the realisation of the need to take a more proactive rather than reactive approach to mental health.
Alongside homes, schools are one of the most important developmental contexts in young peoples’ lives, and can be a key source of the skills and competencies that support their capacity for successful adaptation. 
Furthermore, schools provide accessible and relatively stable sites within which positive psychology interventions can be implemented to promote wellbeing.

Flourish LAB



Accessing untapped student potential can offer great benefits. At the heart of the positive psychology approach is the goal of making life better - better for students and staff.

If your organisation has yet to harness the science of positive psychology, we should be talking. We currently offer 5 training courses specifically designed for teachers and students. In Q1 2018 we will be offering virtual and digital learning solutions to make learning easier and more convenient.

We can work with you to devise in house training, coaching programmes and custom learning solutions in various formats from 90 minute breakfast, lunch and afterschool 'espresso' sessions to 1/2 day - 5 day learning solutions.