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The Positive Approach


' if you take care of your people, 

your people will 

take care of your business '

In many organisations wellbeing is a new area of responsibility. It is high on the organisational agenda, but often perceived sceptically by people across the organisation, who are focused on the day-to-day tasks of the business and not completely convinced of the value of what's on offer.


So, what do we have to consider if we really want to improve wellbeing within our organisations?



New Approaches

What's happening? The hierarchical model simply doesn’t work efficiently anymore! Traditional organisations have been replaced by learning organisations who don’t respond well to “top down” leadership. 
Employees today are searching for genuine satisfaction and meaning from their work, not only money. In the 21st century the most successful leaders focus on sustaining high performance by
- aligning organisational mission and employee core values
- empowering employees at all levels
- building adaptability, resilience and 
- creating conditions that enable creativity and innovative thinking
- promoting employee engagement and collaboration throughout the organisation
Quite simply, we help our clients energise people to initiate positive actions, which lead to better personal and business performance.

Enhance performance using positive psychology

Positive psychology builds motivation, psychological awareness, resilience and well-being – all ingredients necessary for high-performing individuals and organisations.

Our courses provide an experiential introduction and overview of positive psychology, the tools and methods related to the science of optimal functioning and its application in the workplace.
We can provide custom workshops to your HR or Leadership team or directly in teams so that you can develop this approach from within. Our experience as positive psychologists ensures that the latest and most relevant theories, individual and organisational interventions, and best practices are presented in interesting and engaging ways, enabling you to understand how best to apply them to your challenges.
Our workshops provide a platform for personal, professional and team growth, and informs creative, leading edge strategies.


Accessing untapped human potential can offer far greater benefits than any merger, process improvement, or restructuring activity. At the heart of the positive psychology approach is the goal of making working life better - better for individuals & for organisations. 

We’ve created flexible programmes that are easy to fit in to the working day and built around interactive activities to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Using an innovative preventative approach, they’re interactive and fun – using conversation and reflection to encourage active peer-to-peer learning and exploration – and making wellbeing easy for everyone to understand and apply on both an individual and organisational level. 

Our workshops provide hands-on learning on a variety of sand leadership development topics. Our sessions cover an array of leadership development, professional development, change management, and organisation development topics in an exploratory and interactive way.

If your organisation has yet to harness the science of positive psychology, we should be talking. We currently offer a portfolio of over 25 training courses and will be offering virtual and digital learning solutions in Q3 2018.

Need a custom-solution? 

No problem! We can work with you to devise in house training, coaching programmes and custom learning solutions in various formats from 90 minute breakfast, lunch and afterwork 'espresso' sessions to 1/2 day - 5 day learning solutions.